We are all aware of the harm that air pollution may do to our entire health, particularly our respiratory system. However, research indicates that polluted air may have a more obvious consequence - it may cause hair loss.

Exposure to common contaminants is suspected to be the cause. When cells on the scalp were exposed to dust and diesel for 24 hours, the quantities of the protein responsible for hair development reduced dramatically, according to the researchers. The researchers discovered that the more contaminants the hair cells were exposed to, the greater the influence on protein levels. Of course, in order to grow healthy hair, the scalp must be healthy as well, but if it is injured by air pollution, the hair follicles may suffer as well.

It's crucial to note that the study was conducted in a lab with a full day's worth of exposure - it doesn't illustrate how pollutants would impact hair in everyday life. Particulate matter in the air, such as metal deposits, clings to the hair in any place where there are automobiles, not just major cities, leaving it drier, dull, and unruly. So, how can we defend ourselves from the harm?

Just as we wouldn't go to bed without cleaning the day's crud off our skin, we should do the same with our hair. Washing hair with a high-quality shampoo on a regular basis will assist to maintain the scalp clean and free of contaminants. If you're heading somewhere with high levels of pollution, wearing a hat may protect your hair from airborne particles while also shielding your scalp from UV rays, which will benefit your scalp's health.

Because pollution can be so drying, invest in a good deep conditioner to keep your hair moisturized, especially if you use hot styling tools or color on your hair on a regular basis, as these may also damage and split the hair.