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Laser hair growth treatment

Laser hair growth treatment

Laser therapy has gained much popularity in recent times as one of the newest approaches for hair loss treatments. This is a safe, fast, and easy method of hair growth. Although, the method used to be expensive till a few years back, now it has become reasonably affordable.

In this laser hair growth treatment, a low level of laser light is applied to the scalp. Consistent studies have shown that laser light assists in the growth of new hair follicles. Medical technology is advancing at a rapid speed, as one may now use a hand-held laser device at home. Nevertheless, most of the laser therapies for stimulating hair growth are practiced under a medical setting and expert supervision.

How does laser treatment for hair growth works?

Laser therapy is applied for treating various medical conditions. The specific type of laser therapy, which is being applied for stimulating hair growth, is commonly known as Low-Level Laser Therapy or LLLT.

  • Research done on this particular therapy has proved that the LLLT is the best treatment for hereditary hair loss.
  • The hair molecules absorb a specific wavelength of light when the laser is applied, increasing the energy levels of the molecules instantaneously.
  • These molecules react by working off the extra energy with certain adaptive changes. The change may be both physical and chemical, and they might have biological impacts on the tissues or the scalp.
  • People, whose hair problems are generated due to metabolic, inherited, autoimmune, or infectious causes, are best benefitted by LLLT.
  • However, this therapy is not a one-time solution for hair growth. One has to go for several sessions for actual benefit from the therapy.

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