Genetiniai tyrimai

A single patient. A personalised treatment. Guided by their unique DNA.
How has the field of genetics revolutionized healthcare?

Our genetic makeup is as distinct as our individual personalities, playing a critical role in determining the various needs and abilities of our bodies. Gaining insight into one’s genetic profile can empower individuals and their healthcare professionals to tailor treatments more precisely, thereby enhancing the efficacy of therapeutic interventions.

Fagron Genomics is dedicated to empowering healthcare experts to make superior and well-informed choices.

We offer top-tier genetic analysis and suggest tailored treatment prescriptions, ensuring the right active components and dosages, whether oral, topical, or injectable/mesotherapy.

Where others see data we see answers

We offer complete genomic testing and genomic diagnostics to patients and medical professionals in partnership with Fagron Genomics.

Hair transplant clinic Rubenhair Latvia performs certified and high-quality hair transplants, eyebrow transplants with the manual FUE method. At hair transplant clinic Rubenhair Latvia, all services provided are certified, licensed, and approved in European Union. Our medical personnel is fully licensed, credentialed, and includes medical doctors, nurse practitioners, physicians. Hair transplant clinic Rubenhair Latvia is fully licensed and certified in the European Union and registered in the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia, Health Inspectorate, and Register of Medical Institutions with registration number 010001474.

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