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Hair transplant with FUE method

Hair transplant with FUE method

Hair transplant clinic Rubenhair Latvia performs transplantation of hair, eyebrows, or beard, using the FUE method (follicular unit extraction, meaning “extracting hair follicles one by one). This method is used by virtually all professional hair transplantation clinics in the world. The patient has grafts (hair follicle unit) cut from the donor zone (at the back of the nape) using a special micro-instrument. 

Afterward, these grafts are transplanted in places where necessary or the so-called transplantation zone. Usually, one graft contains from 1 up to 4 hair follicles. In our clinic Rubenhair Latvia the grafts are not split, but transplanted whole as taken from the donor zone of the patient. This allows the creation of natural hair volume.

Who can benefit from hair transplant surgery?

Anyone who has experienced permanent hair loss may be a candidate for hair restoration surgery, including:

  • Men with male pattern baldness.
  • Women with female pattern hair loss.
  • Men or women who want to restore or change the shape of their hairline.
  • People with areas of scarring from injuries or “scarring” skin diseases, and also patients who experienced some hair loss after surgery, such as facelift procedures.
  • People who want to thicken or restore eyebrows, eyelashes, and beards.
  • Men and women who want hair in an area where they have little or no hair.

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Hair transplant clinic Rubenhair Latvia performs certified and high-quality hair transplants, eyebrow transplants with the manual FUE method. At hair transplant clinic Rubenhair Latvia, all services provided are certified, licensed, and approved in European Union. Our medical personnel is fully licensed, credentialed, and includes medical doctors, nurse practitioners, physicians. Hair transplant clinic Rubenhair Latvia is fully licensed and certified in the European Union and registered in the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia, Health Inspectorate, and Register of Medical Institutions with registration number 010001474.

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