The full beard style has been popular for a few years now, but there is no fast fix option for guys who struggle to acquire the coveted appearance, which is why hundreds have taken the drastic step of putting Minoxidil on their faces to attempt to grow a beard.

The over-the-counter medicine, known as Minoxidil, has long been used to treat male pattern baldness. It was discovered by accident in the 1970s by researchers who were testing a medication for high blood pressure and realized that excessive hair growth was a side effect. It stimulates hair development by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles, resulting in more cells at the base of the hair and enlarging the hair follicle.

Men as young as 16 are ordering the drug online and putting it straight to their faces as part of the new trend. Facebook groups dedicated to the practice have sprung up, with guys discussing their experiences and encouraging one another to persist with it. 

If you can't grow a beard naturally, Minoxidil is unlikely to help – just as it wouldn't help a bald head if you applied it to it. It is not a miraculous treatment; it prolongs the growth phase of existing hairs, providing the appearance of thicker hair and preserving the condition of existing hair.

For men with immature beards, using the prescription may help it appear fuller, but if you stop taking it, it will begin to shed — Minoxidil is a lifelong commitment.

So, what's the issue with using Minoxidil on the face? As previously stated, it was developed as a vasodilator to treat individuals with excessive blood pressure. If you have normal blood pressure and overuse the medicine, it can lower your blood pressure even more — since your heart isn't pumping enough blood around your body, you may experience dizzy spells or fainting.

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